Sunday, 4 March 2012

A poem that a friend of mine wrote. It's deep.

Hidden in a corner,
Everything is dark.
I see the world around me,
But never taking part.

My friends just overlook it,
I don't think they can see,
The thing inside,
That is killing me.

It tears at my heart and soul,
Eating me alive.
Sometimes I'm just wishing,
That I could just die.

I want someone to notice,
See that I am there.
To hold me close and tell me,
That they really care.

The pain inside is cutting me,
Like a thousand pieces of glass.
Driving deeper into my heart,
When I think about the past.
I'm tired of looking in the past,
But the future doesn't seem to real
So I will sit here,
Slowly trying to heal.
For I will always be,
An Invisible Girl.

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