Friday, 2 March 2012


So i realised that i never actually explained who i am in my first and latest post. My name is Adele Louise Robinson. i have four brother but only live with three, they are aged 20- Jordan, 16- Joshua, 11- Josiah, 10- Elijah. I am 14 and therefore the middle child. I like to say that i hate my brothers but i really actually love them. Although I'm not denying that they are REALLY annoying 99% of the time. Because trust me, they are. My mum and dad are together and their names are, lets say Mr.D and Mrs.M (a.k.a Mr. Dad, and Mrs. Mum. I live in New Zealand, in a rural area. Its pretty quiet and i love it, i think its a great place to grow up. I did go to public school until year 10 and now, a am home schooled . :) i love it, its really laid back and I think I will learn better ( no distractions). I'm into heaps of different things, I love music, art, messing around with photography, i like beauty, fashion, sewing, cooking, baking, writing and film. But i still don't know what i wanna be when I'm older (see last post). I think if i tries hard enough i could be anything because, ( not to be vain) i am fairly smart. I am quite a social person, and ( not to be vain) quite funny, well i make my friends laugh :D My favourite sports are soccer, rugby, netball, skateboarding, skating, and hockey. Although i must admit I'm not really that great at any of them. I'm going to be straight out honest, I'm not some skinny little rake, i have meat on my bones but I'm okay with that, it keeps me warm ;) I wouldn't say I'm a Christian because i think that's to big a label, but i do follow and believe in god, i go to church when i can and i try to read the bible. But that doesn't mean I'm some anti-social bible freak weirdo, i swear, a lot some times, because i can't help it. I say nasty things and get into trouble like any other teenager. Obviously the picture (see above), is me, if you think I'm pretty then thanks that's cool, and if you don't then that's fine and that's your business. It doesn't bother me. I don't think i am particularly beautiful, but i know I'm not but ugly!  I think that's just about info for know huh? :p

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