Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forbidden- A short story written by me.

Willow looked up as lightning threatened to invade the sky. She bet it was going to rain soon, But the sky only took her attention for a second or two. She peered anxiously across the darkened meadow. Where is he? Why is he so late? She wondered to herself. It seemed like forever, but soon she saw a tall figure appear, walking slowly across the meadow. She couldn't make out the figures facial features, but she would know him anywhere. She always does. When she could finally make out his face, she saw that he was smiling, looking at her. He trudged up the hill she was on, and sat down beside her. "Hey", they both said at once. He laughed and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "Hey", he said again, but softly.
They both lay down next to each other and looked up at the darkening sky. "It's gonna rain" He Observed. " I know" She replied sitting up. 

Willow knew they were both thinking the same thing as they lay there. Their two families had hated each other for as long as any one could remember, it had all started over some on stealing some ones love, nobody can actually specifically remember, And anyway it didn't matter. They hated each other and that was that. No forgiving. No forgetting. Never have. Never will. The Steels (Willow), and the Taylor's (Sam) were sworn enemies but when Willow and Sam saw each other it had been love at first sight. They truly did love each other, but their families tries whenever, and whatever they could to keep them apart.

Sam turned to Willow and looked at her. The setting sun was behind her and there were tiny rays of sun dancing on her skin. She turned to look at him and shook her ark wavy hair out of her eyes. "Whats wrong? Are you okay?", she asked anxiously. "Hmm?" He said, as he was dragged out of his thoughts. Willow looked at him strangely and said "Um nothing.." He nodded turning away. As he was obviously deep in thought Willow found that looking at him sufficed. He had short blonde hair, and bright green eyes like nobodies business. His jaw line was strong, but he had a gentle face. 

She tore her own eyes away from him to look at her watch. "oh damn", she exclaimed.  "I'm gonna be late home, if i don't leave right this minute!". She stood up. He scrambled up grabbed her hand. "Don't go." he whispered. She took a step back letting go of his hand. "What?!" She breathed slowly. " But I.. I have to.." He looked into her eyes as he spoke, " No, you don't have to... lets... well, I've been thinking and.. Lets runaway together, runaway from all this, we could be together- Forever. With no one telling us that we can't be together or that we shouldn't love each other" She was lost for words. "I... but... where... where would we go? We'd have no money! How could you even begin to think that it would work?!" She stared at him, astonished. But then she thought about it. They could go somewhere. Somewhere far away. They could be together, without anybody trying to tear them apart. Sam and her could both get jobs, they were seventeen, that's old enough, why not? Sam saw the change in her eyes, took a step closer and said "Yes, you see, i know you see! We could be together forever no matter what!".

"I'll go home, pack some stuff, you do the same. Then we'll meet here at 8'o'clock sharp. Then we catch a bus. Then a train. Then an aeroplane. We'll go anywhere you want. I'll get some money, from my mums account, And i have some in my account. You get some too, we'll need as much as possible." I said all of this so quickly, that i barely registered what was said after it shot out of my mouth. I kissed him quickly on the mouth and reminded him "8'o'clock sharp!". she tried to collect the thoughts in my head as i walked away and found that it wasn't easy. Her heart pounded as she thought "Am I really gonna do this? How could i hurt my family like that?" She stopped herself. " Who am i kidding, they'd be glad! They don't even act like they like me, let alone love me. So what do i have to lose? Nothing. And to gain? Everything. Ding ding, we have a winner." She walked quickly with her mind absolutely made up. She was running away with Sam.

It was 7:15 now so she had 15 minutes to pack her bag and get everything sorted and maybe write a note. She wasn't sure yet, whether she wanted to or not. As she turned my key in the lock, she saw that my hopes were foreseen, because both her mum and dad were out. There was a note on the bench written in her dads handwriting. It read: We've gone to have dinner at the Jonson's. You'll have to make your own dinner. "uhuh." she said aloud to herself. She ran up the stairs and began packing all the things she couldn't do without, in to a bag of a manageable size. She ploughed down the stairs, dragging the bag behind her. She looked around the kitchen and dining room, until she found what she was looking for. Mums wallet. She picked it up off the coffee table and opened it up, she grabbed all the paper and coins she could see and shoved them into her jacket pocket.

She stood there for a moment her body shaking and her heart thumping. She quickly snatched the notepad and pen off of the bench and quickly scrawled a note. "Dear mum and Dad, I'm running away. Don't worry about me I'll be fine. I just need to be with Sam. I'm not doing this to hurt you, i just have to. I love you. Willow." She walked out the door and looked up at the house. "Goodbye", she muttered softly, and then walked away.


What do you think? Should i add more?

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